Work / Life Balance in the United States (or lack thereof):

One of my favorite quotes is “Stop the world, I want to get off!” Don’t remember who said it, or when, or in what context — but it says it all these days. People seem to go faster to get further behind. I don’t think it’s even to keep up with the Joneses anymore — it’s just survival in a world that’s trying to run you over.

Here are a few statistics:

  • Forty-two percent of college students and recent graduates said what they value most when making a career decision was work/life balance — more than money (26%), advancement (23%), or location (9%). JOBTRAK.COM
  • Since 1969, family time for a working couple has shrunk an average of 22 hours per week. U.S. GOVERNMENT
  • Every dollar invested by the employer toward an employee’s well-being delivers a $10 ROI. INTEGRA, INC.

That’s why I decided to do what I do. Yes, it’s a job — but it’s pretty cool to help people not be the cheese at the end of the rat race.

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