5 Business Lessons Learned From Your Dog?

Whether or not you believe a dog is “man’s best friend,” there are a number of lessons we humans can learn from our loving canines:

1) Sniff out the competition. Yes, I know – dogs take this one a little too far! In business, however, you need to determine all the ways your competition can keep YOUR revenues down. In the concierge industry, “other, local concierge” serving the same target customer is the easy answer. But other factors are potential customers’ lack of knowledge of the industry, their difficulty (due to the lack of knowledge) seeing the great value in using a concierge service, and the very-common human trait of not being able to let go of the control in doing tasks themselves – even when delegating them to a trusted professional.

2) Be friendly to everyone. Whether a friend or stranger, approach each person with genuine courtesy and kindness. Not only will you become more memorable to those you meet, resulting in referrals and increased business, but your day will be much brighter!

3) Loyalty is rewarded. A small amount of time nurturing current customer relationships are far more beneficial (in both time and money resources) than spending all your time chasing new clients. My yellow lab definitely knows who to go for to get a walk, get fed, or get a belly rub.

4) Go ahead and show your teeth! Your business is the product of your hard work, sacrifice, and creativity – letting another borrow (aka:┬ásteal) your ideas or take advantage of your business should not be tolerated. As an example, according to the USPTO (uspto.gov), if you don’t defend a registered trademark you may lose it. Your intellectual property is valuable!

5) If abused – forgive, but don’t forget. Occasionally, we run into someone (personally or professionally) who shouldn’t be in our lives. Use such experiences to be stronger and prevent reoccurrences – but don’t hold onto the anger. Negativity only wears you down physically and mentally, and serves no purpose (after all – your foe doesn’t care if you’re mad!!).

6) Family is priority. If you sacrifice too much to get ahead, with whom will you share the glory? Balance your life and your life will be amazing!

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