A Letter from the President…

Please accept this letter as a big paper hug.

Those in the service industries (especially concierge, in my experience) work tirelessly every day to make others happy. At times, there’s a small gratuity and a quick smile. Sometimes, there’s appreciation and award for doing what’s in your soul – to do our best. Most times, our recognition is just the knowing that we get to do something we love and the world is better for it.

Our 2014 NCA-MN Chapter Board (go to www.ncakey.org and look for MN Chapter) has jumped in with both feet, ready to support our members (even with a hug) and work to grow the organization. Should you need ANYTHING, we are here to listen, counsel, and act in your best interests:

  • Director of Membership/New & Renewing Memberships and Certification – newly vacant, looking for help!
  • Director of Administration/Meeting Minutes (and All-Around Lifesaver!) – Allison S
  • Parliamentarian/Meeting Registration Table Guru – Sharon S
  • Marketing Committee Chair/Newsletter, Meeting Invitations, All Marketing – Karen R, with a great committee team!
  • Fundraising Committee Member/Idea-Generator – Sheila J
  • Affiliate Liaison/Affiliate Support and Endorsed Partner Assistance – Cory J
  • Past-President – Jane S
  • Vice President/Meeting Planner/Temporary Membership Director & My Right Arm – Jane S
  • President/Director of Finance/Grand Delegator and Whiz of Unusual Questions – Michelle McManus (that’s me)

Thank you for entrusting us with your organization. The MN-Chapter Board of Directors over the history of the organization (and it started HERE, you know!) have put their hearts into the industry, knowing that the extra hours worked keep the National Concierge Association a strong, relevant professional development organization – the best connection between concierges and affiliates – and a great place to find life-long friendship.

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