16th Annual NCA Educational Conference


Full schedule and registration now online www.ncakey.org

Why go to Vegas? Being a brand new chapter director has been challenging – our board has all new directors, learning how to best work together for a large chapter’s needs. We believe we’re on a mission (to grow and strengthen the chapter), and we won’t quit – even though we may admit at times that we’re tired!

Recently, an NCA Executive Board member I’ve never met praised our chapter because we have such great meetings, fun special events, and a strong membership. We have the largest number of Certified Concierge and Endorsed Partners in the NCA! Many of our chapter concierge members are highly regarded throughout the country, heralding decades of professional experience. Our affiliate members completely “get it” – you get more out of an organization when you are an active member. Our strong affiliate membership consistently shows the concierge members why they’re the best vendors in the Twin Cities Metro.

So, you may be thinking, why go to the conference in Las Vegas? Is it worth the trip?

 If you’re a Certified Concierge, the answer is easy, for conference attendance fulfills your required continuing education credits for this year.

 If you’re a newer concierge, this educational conference builds upon the talents you have been developing, becoming the best concierge service ambassador possible.

 An affiliate member attending a concierge conference has multiple opportunities to network with concierge from across the country, expanding their company’s exposure to the best referral system in existence.

Going to the 2014 NCA Conference in Vegas gives us all a chance to learn about another city, make new (and cement existing) friendships, renew our spirits. Along the way, we’ll learn a new perspective on our growing profession and the service level required of lead-ers in the industry.

See you there!


Great (old) customer service read: It’s Not My Department! How America Can Return to Excellence — Giving and Receiving Quality Service by Peter Glen

Though it was first published in 2002, and some of the examples feel a decade older than that, anyone can translate the ideas and spirit of this book into their own circumstances. It’s practical, and in the fast world of ‘eat or get eaten’, who has time for anything else?

It’s good and you can find it at the library or pick up an inexpensive used copy.