Don’t Just Roll the Dice!

What are the duties of a concierge?

The role of a concierge is that of a temporary personal assistant, local travel guide, and all around know-it-all. The job description for a concierge must contain a strong emphasis on customer service, a deep understanding of the areas in which they serve, and the ability to creatively think on their feet. This job description must also invariably contain the ability to network with local vendors for tickets, car rentals, and any other special needs of the customer – whether hotel guest, corporate employee, or family of five. The traits of a successful concierge include enthusiasm, shrewdness, and sincere drive to give the best service possible at all times.

The role of a concierge is to assure that customers get whatever they desire, within reason. Concierge duties may range from a task as small as giving directions to a nearby store to arranging a marriage proposal or wedding anniversary. Concierge duties also include trading and negotiating with other concierge and vendors to fulfill the needs of their customers for things such as great sports tickets, better theater seats, last-minute restaurant reservations, or sold out concert tickets. Finally, the role of a concierge may extend as far as providing personal shopping services, pet walking services, organizational tasks, and arranging medical or home care needs.

Before enlisting the services of a personal concierge (or lifestyle manager), do your due diligence: ask for references, check for insurance or bonding, and confirm business registration with your Secretary of State office. Any personal service business worth their weight (or their self-promotion!) will have done the prep work to ensure they remain in business, even during a recession.

At The Virtual Concierge, LLC, we perform background checks, call references, and receive insurance documentation from every partner vendor before allowing open communication with our company clients.

If you need a personal concierge or errand runner, feel free to email us at We are happy to refer you, free of charge, to a qualified service provider in your area.

Hang in There

In this economic downturn, many in the concierge and errand industry are nervous. Rightly so, of course, but there are a few ways to help ride out the low tide: manage your savings as well as your spending, boost your marketing in less-expensive, more bang-for-your buck methods, and remain hopeful that things will improve. Because they will.

People will need errand runners again, because it does “cost” less than trying to manage it all.

Businesses will need concierge services again, because it’s one of the best ways for a company to stay competitive when recruiting the best talent.

And we’ll be there, because we did what was necessary to remain viable. We take care of our customers, and we take care of ourselves.

Great (old) customer service read: It’s Not My Department! How America Can Return to Excellence — Giving and Receiving Quality Service by Peter Glen

Though it was first published in 2002, and some of the examples feel a decade older than that, anyone can translate the ideas and spirit of this book into their own circumstances. It’s practical, and in the fast world of ‘eat or get eaten’, who has time for anything else?

It’s good and you can find it at the library or pick up an inexpensive used copy.