Reach Out!

People volunteer for a wide variety of reasons, especially wanting to help others. But it's also OK to want some benefit for yourself. You may wish to learn something new, build your resume, make new friends, or be part of a team. Instead of … [Continue reading]

No Junk Mail, Please!

Simplify Your Life! Take steps to have your name removed from mailing lists. Tell companies with whom you do business to NOT give out your name and address. When you order from a catalog or subscribe to a magazine, include a note stating, "Do … [Continue reading]

I Loathe the Word Consistency

Makes me think of pudding! But, in the land of restaurants and hospitality and any business that has a customer (wait, that's all of us!), consistency is key. We can be consistently good or consistently bad -- either way, we'll have our share of … [Continue reading]

Work / Life Balance in the United States (or lack thereof):

One of my favorite quotes is "Stop the world, I want to get off!" Don't remember who said it, or when, or in what context --- but it says it all these days. People seem to go faster to get further behind. I don't think it's even to keep up with the … [Continue reading]

Great (old) customer service read: It’s Not My Department! How America Can Return to Excellence — Giving and Receiving Quality Service by Peter Glen

Though it was first published in 2002, and some of the examples feel a decade older than that, anyone can translate the ideas and spirit of this book into their own circumstances. It's practical, and in the fast world of 'eat or get eaten', who has … [Continue reading]